(Absorbable Gelatin Sponge)

For All Your Medical Needs

Our Angisponge is one of the best available product for hemostasis. At PRAMUKH MEDICAL AND SURGICAL, we supply these sleek and functional products along with a variety of other variants to your surgery. Our manufacturers are closely supported by a team of renowned professionals, ensuring that your products are made with the highest quality materials in the market.


In any surgical procedure, hemostasis is vital to success. ANGISPONGE
Absorbable Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge is a quick and effective
hemostatic which stops bleeding fast. It reduces intraoperative
bleeding and surgery time.

ANGISPONGE is non-toxic, non-Allergenic, non-immunogenic, and nonpyrogenic.
ANGISPONGE is already gamma-sterilized, and thus does
not need to be resterilized. It is available in a convenient, ready to
tear sterile blister/envelope, ANGISPONGE Unlike many haemostatic
agents, does not require special storage conditions. The uniform
porosity of ANGISPONGE guarantees a favourable haemostasis.
When implanted in vivo, it is completely absorbed within 3-4 weeks,
with no residue and no encapsulation.

• Effective in stop all kinds of oozzing blood (capillary, parenchymal or arteriovenous )
• Can hold around 35 - 40 times of its own weight of blood/body fluids within its matrix.
• pH neutral and can be impregnated with wide variety of pharmaceuticals/biologics.
• manufactured from highly purified gelation (collagen derived protein)
• Double packed for assurance of sterility.
• Supplied in the form of READY - TO - USE. No need to re sterilize the product before its use.
• Completely biodegradable (metabolised by proteolytic enzymes) and absorb in body within 4 - 6 weeks
when placed in tissues.
• Manufactured in HEPA filtered clean rooms with environmentally and micro biologically monitored air.
• sterilized by gamma irradiation after final packaging to destroy any microorganisms without negatively
affecting the physical properties of product.
• Non - toxic, non-allergic and biocompatible.
• Liquifies within 3 - 4 days when placed inmucosal cavity
• Available in many sizes to fit common surgical procedures.
• Complies US Pharmacopoeia standards.
• No cholesterol, pure gelatin, no preservatives, BSE free.
• Safety & excellent tolerability No reactions or interactions with drugs or other food ingredients.


Available Variants

We have variants as shown in image. it can be modified according to buyers specific demand. we can alter sizes of absorbable gelatin sponge and packing style.